Fish…..Fish…..and more Fish!

Here is a few of the things we fish for:

Halibut or Pot Luck

Halibut are the target species but Striped bass, salmon, rock cod, lingcod and other species are not uncommon to catch. The Season is roughly April to October inside the San Francisco Bay and outside the gate.


Sturgeon fishing is at its best in the bay when waters begin to muddy up in the San Pablo Bay. We anchor-fish for these prehistoric fish in shallow waters and usually in the wet weather months.

Striped Bass

Striped bass runs are usually very active during our potluck season using live bait we fish them in the Central San Franciso Bay and Come October thru the fall we begin using other baits, fishing for them by either trolling or on the anchor in the San Pablo Bay.


Soupfin Shark

Very active Starting in the Spring we are catching these very powerful fish while we are fishing the Seven-gill sharks

Leopard Shark

Light Tackle, year round and caught in many areas from the South Bay of San Francisco to the North San Pablo Bay.


7-Gills Sharks

For those who feel strong we fish the seven-gill sharks with all wire line. Much heavier tackle than what we would use for leopard sharks. We are usually fishing these toothy creatures Fall and Winter months, however it is also active during the summer months from the South San Francisco Bay to the Central San Francisco Bay in Deep Water. These Cow Sharks can get quite large and the largest over the rail was 325 pounds. We strongly encourage catch and release and to take only what you can eat.